CELLU-BIASE* is a purified cellulase enzyme concentrate for all corn-soy diets, and other processes requiring digestion of plant cellulose (i.e. ethanol production) Cellulose is the fiber present in all plant sourced ingredients, as it provides the form and structure of all plants.

Cellulose comprises 4% of corn to as high as 25% (copra meal), enough to be responsible in trapping considerable amounts of energy and proteins in its matrix, increases viscousity of feed, and significant reduction of overall feed digestibility.

Cellulose is completely INDIGESTIBLE to monogastric pig and poultry. CELLU-BIASE* is the only enzyme for digesting cellulose, capable of digesting over 96% in vitro, and over 60% of feed cellulose in-vivo (animal medium).

CELLU-BIASE* is guaranteed to release a minimum of 200kcal of energy/kg in a typical corn-soy diet

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